About Us

Listas Telefónicas de Moçambique, Lda, is a mixed capital company, owned by TDM -Telecommunications de Moçambique (50%) and Directel - Listas Telefónicas Internacionais, Lda (Group OI) 50%.It was founded on July 6, 1989 in order to edit and manage Telephone Directories South, Central / North and National Telefax - E-mail- Website of TDM customers.

Leads and edit Phonebook South Zone, Central and Northern, National Mail-Fax - Mobile -Website, Letter of Maputo, Mozambique Tourist Guide and Online products such as:

www.mocambiqueturismo.co.mz – ONLINE Yellow Pages
www.paginasamarelas.co.mz– In the Mobile version,
Available for IOS and Android

Our Vision

Consolidate our leadership in the diffusion of information and business promotion, with innovative solutions.

Our Mission

Facilitate communication and promote Business.

Our Core Values

  • Values
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Competence
  • Knowledge

Benefits of Yellow Pages Printed Product

  • Easy access.
  • Guaranteed and free delivery.
  • Modern, with audacious looks and high-quality material.
  • Honors the image of your company.
  • An excellent guide for those who want to do business or leisure.
  • Use and public acceptance.

The online yellow pages provide the same benefits of the printed product with the following advantages:

  1. Available "On-Line" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: This means that your online image allows the propagation and catchment of customers at any time of day or night. 
  2. Quick, effective and simplified search: The placement of an ad online is easier and faster than creating your own website. If you want to advertise on the internet but do not know how or do not have time to do it, all it takes is a simple contact with our company to advise you of the best online advertising solution.
  3. Credibility and exclusivity: Associate your company to a portal such as the Yellow Pages adds credibility to your business, which will give your company a competitive advantage. 
  4. Expanded exhibition: If your market is beyond local borders, an online ad can reach national and international markets providing your company with increased exposure, High range advertising with the Lowest Cost in Market.

Over these 29 years of existence, a LTM, remains focused primarily on the development of its human resources, Products and services being the 1st Mozambican company to be certified by the NORMA NP NM ISO 9001: 2008.